Your Relationship as a Spiritual Practice

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Susan Page


Susan PageDo you consider yourself to be a ‘spiritual’ person? If yes, what is the impact of your spiritual values on your relationships?

Repeat Oprah guest Susan Page says, ‘Spiritual Partnership does not mean that you meditate and then go about your relationship in the same old way.’

This program will teach you powerful, practical strategies that turn all of your relationships into a spiritual practice, moving you toward the more spiritual person you strive to be while greatly strengthening your relationships and actually solving long-term problems, once and for all.

In this program you will learn:

– Why it is a MYTH that communication is the most important relationship skill and why communication fails many couples

– Why the most powerful, spiritually-based Loving Actions are unilateral and do not involve negotiations with your partner

– Why fairness and equality are NOT important in relationships

– How Spiritual Partnership differs almost totally from conventional relationships: ‘. . . the archetype of marriage is no longer functional.’

– Specific Loving Actions that are easy to learn, easy to use, will make you a more spiritual person, and may have a greater positive impact on your relationship than anything you have ever tried

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