What’s Your Relationship Type?

Relationships can be confusing and complex as no two are alike. To get started on the path to becoming a successful Couple For Life it’s helpful to be clear about the status of your relationship.

At Relationship Coaching Institute we identify and support these four relationship types:

Single and Seeking: Currently single and actively seeking a meaningful relationship

Pre-Committed: In an exclusive relationship but not yet formally committed

Pre-Marital: Have mutually agreed to become married or committed

Committed: Either married or have participated in a formal commitment ceremony

What’s YOUR Relationship Status?

To become a successful Couple For Life we highly recommend being honest with yourself about the status of your relationship. While this might sound like a no-brainer, we’ve encountered many that are confused, such as-

  • singles who believe they’re in an exclusive relationship without the knowledge and agreement of the person they’re dating
  • people in pre-committed relationships who believe their relationship is “committed”
  • people who have agreed to get married but aren’t sure about their decision
  • married people asking the pre-commitment question “Is this the right relationship for me?”
For more information about commitment confusion see Commitment: The Path to Relationship Happiness

If you fit any of the above we highly recommend making an appointment to talk with a qualified Relationship Coach. Simply select Find a Coach from the main menu and we’ll be happy to meet with you over the telephone at your convenience for a complimentary 30-minute session. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll find that it’s extremely helpful to talk about your relationship with a neutral third party who is a professional relationship coach. Try it!

What Your Relationship Status Means

Our mission is to support you to become a Couple For Life in a committed, life-long, fulfilled relationship.

To get started:

For Singles: if your goal is to find the love of your life visit consciousdating.com

For Pre-Committed and Pre-Marital relationships wondering Is this the right relationship for me?  take our Pre-Committed Relationship Assessment

For Committed relationships wanting to co-create a lifelong mutually fulfilling relationship take our Relationship Assessment for Committed Couples

Unsure of Your Relationship Status?

Our Relationship Status Questionnaire will assist you to gain clarity about the status of your relationship.

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