What is a Couple for Life?

Be the pioneer of your destiny.

Each couple is unique, and what worked for others won’t necessarily work for you.

When it comes to relationships, despite romantic promises and fantasies, there are no guarantees or predictable outcomes. Your best chance at having the life and relationship that you want involves making intentional, conscious choices with clarity about who you are and what you want.

Becoming a “Couple For Life” means you:

  • Accept responsibility for your outcomes.
  • Are the pioneer of your life together.
  • Strive to make choices and commitments consciously.
  • Develop effective relationship strategies, make effective relationship choices, acquire effective relationship tools, and learn effective relationship skills.
  • Realize that you “don’t know what you don’t know” and are open to learning.
  • Realize that no-one is successful alone, and are open to support.

Our mission is to provide you the information, tools, and support you need to “Live the Life you Love, with the Love of your Life.”

Grab your partner and enjoy our Couple For Life signature song- LOVE IS A CHOICE


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