The Case for Marriage

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Maggie Gallagher


Maggie GallagherIs marriage good for people, and if so, why? This program offers the hard scientific evidence that marriage is not only protective for children, it is also makes important contributions to the well-being of adults.

In this program you will learn how:

– Both men and women are better off in virtually every way social science can measure if they get and stay married (provided those marriages are of at least average quality)

– Husbands and wives live longer, they are physically healthier

– Marriage boosts psychological and emotional health

– Married people are more economically successful, they earn more money and build more wealth than singles

– Marriage is the sexiest relationship– married people report having more and better sex

How does marriage, a so-called ‘piece of paper’ achieve these remarkable benefits? We will also review the mechanism by which marriage as an institution improves the well-being of adults and their children including, the changing time-horizons, the economic and social benefits of ‘pooling,’ social support, the impact of norms on behavior. We will also note the deleterious effects on well-being that high-conflict marriage can have, especially on children and on women.

Learn how and why a good marriage is a treasure worth working for and fighting for.

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