Teaching Relationship Skills to Teens

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Kay Reed & Charlene Kamper, MA


Kay ReedThe quality of our lives is a direct measurement of the quality of our relationships. This seminar will empower parents to develop good relationships with their teens while increasing their effectiveness as parents. We will also address how parents can model and teach teens the healthy romantic relationship skills they need in order to successfully navigate their young romantic lives.

Kay Reed, President of The Dibble Institute, publisher and provider of best practices resources for relationship education, and Char Kamper, author of nationally recognized youth relationship programs: Connections: Dating and Emotions and Connections: Relationships and Marriage began to work together in 1996. Since then the Connections programs have been used in all states in schools, after-school and community youth programs, teen pregnancy prevention centers, and were the first to be adopted statewide by the Oklahoma Healthy Marriage Initiative.

In this seminar Kay and Char will discuss important concepts related to healthy relationship development for adolescents including–

– Recognizing differences between healthy and unhealthy patterns in dating relationships

– Learning how to successfully end relationships that aren’t working

– Developing portable skills that are necessary for sustaining positive long term relationships, including friendships and marriage

Kay and Char will focus on how parents can increase their teens self awareness and development of positive partnership behaviors that result in personal growth and better understanding of others.

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