Secrets of Happily Married Men

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With Scott Haltzman, MD

Half of all marriages in the U.S. end in failure. In about two-thirds of these cases, the wife precipitates the divorce. In many cases, the man is blamed for the dissolution of marriage based because of his inability to meet his wife’s needs. Yet studies show that men can have a great influence on the success of the marriage if they just do the right thing.

Maintaining a healthy marriage extends a man’s life expectancy and increases his lifetime earnings, but it also has protective effects on a woman. Married women have less risk of domestic violence, a greater chance of having health insurance and greater levels of happiness than those who are single or divorced.

Men CAN learn to improve their marriage.

This program covers:

  • Ways that men have been viewed as unskilled in relationships, a bias that is perpetuated by popular media and even reinforced in some forms of therapy
  • Relationship strategies that appeal to men by recognizing men’sunique communication style (for instance, men tend to use less words in

    emotional conversation,) and some of the hormonal and brain structural

    differences that explain this style

  • Specific strategies of listening and conflict management for menthat can improve marital satisfaction

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