Relationship Status Questionnaire Results

Thank you for taking our Relationship Status Questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to help you clarify the status of your pre-committed or pre-marital relationship.

This questionnaire is not for married or formally committed couples… you already know the status of your relationship!

The need for clarity about your relationship status is because relationships are sabotaged by premature commitment or confusion or disagreement between partners about the nature of the relationship.

Commitment is both a FACT and an ATTITUDE:

The FACT is the objective reality of the relationship that can be proven and measured. (a wedding or commitment ceremony is a measurable, provable event)

Your ATTITUDE is your beliefs about the relationship.

Too often we confuse fact with attitude and then experience a rude awakening when our reality and our partner’s reality don’t match. Too often one partner will believe the relationship is committed only to be surprised when the other doesn’t. For more information see What’s Your Relationship Type?

Most unmarried or pre-committed couples tend to describe their relationship as “committed,” which can mean very different things to each partner.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you determine the status of your relationship so you can be clear and on the same page with each other.

You scored out of 16.

What does this score mean? In general, the higher the score the further along the path toward commitment.

Below are the questions and your answers. We suggest reviewing them carefully and honestly defining your relationship based upon the measurable, factual reality as one of the following options:

COMMITTED: We’re not married but have made a formal commitment to each other. We can both identify the time, date, and place that we made this commitment.
We’re a Couple For Life and my goal is to make this relationship work, no matter what.

PRE-MARITAL: We are not yet committed but have agreed to become committed and have a plan for doing so.
My goal is to become committed but even more importantly, to be sure that I’m making the right long-term decision so we can become a Couple For Life.

PRE-COMMITTED: We’re exclusive and have not yet agreed to become committed, or we’ve discussed commitment but have no definitive plan to become committed.
My goal is to gain enough clarity to answer the question “Is this the right relationship for me?”


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