Rapid Relationship Repair

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Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. & Peter Pearson, Ph.D.


Ellyn Bader, Ph.D.Most couples arguments happen in two major arenas: the household interface including parenting and chores and intimacy including the quantity and quality of emotional and sexual contact.Skills for solving problems in household areas will fail if they are applied to emotional struggles. You are normal if you have repeating arguments and trigger each other into bad behavior. It is not because you are with an insensitive partner. It’s because of the way your brain is designed to operate under pressure.

Learn about the hidden power of the emotional brain and how it interferes with collaborative communication. You will also discover why positive thinking, will power, love and good intentions have such little influence in breaking negative patterns. Most communication experts have it backwards. The key is to change your emotional reactions first because the problem is in your emotional reaction and not your thinking brain.

Here are some surprising things you will discover in this fast paced presentation:

– What normal communication under pressure really is

– The limits of positive thinking

– Why you feel so much frustration and failure when you try to change your thinking and beliefs

– How you can change your emotional reactions faster than it takes you to shower and get dressed in the morning

This is not just theory. You will hear a live demonstration of how to stop an argument in its tracks before it gets out of control and create safer communication on sensitive topics. This skill can even be applied before you go to bed tonight.

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