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Terry Real


Terry RealCouples have never wanted so much from their relationships as they do today. More than any other generation, we yearn for our mates to be lifelong friends and lovers. In this program Terry Real shows you how to fulfill this courageous and uncompromising new vision and master the new rules of twenty-first-century marriage.

Take charge of your relationship! There is an old saying that ‘the laws of nature are like a miller’s wheel and they will grind you to powder unless you learn to be the miller.’

We have never wanted more from our relationships. For the first time in history, the idea of a life-long lover relationship is not just an ideal, but an expectation. And yet, for most of us, our relationship to relationships remains immature and passive. Buttons get pushed, thoughtless words and actions abound, and resentments accrue. And the wonderful connection and passion we started off with, seldom survives.

This workshop introduces participants to the practice of relational mindfulness designed to lift partners from their usual knee-jerk responses to open-hearted and passionate engagement. Don’t let your relationships run you, learn to take charge.

This workshop begins to equip participants with the tools needed for successful relationships, including-

– The difference between first and second consciousness (content doesn’t matter, what matters is which part of YOU is speaking)

– The Five Losing Strategies (how to diagnose why you don’t get what you want)

– The Five Winning Strategies (how to use the crucible of relationship to further your own psychological spiritual practice while at the same time being damn smart about getting more of what you want)

You should attend this workshop if you:

– are tired of the same old dance and want to learn some new steps
– are in a good relationship and want to make it great
– wish to renew hope for the future of your relationship
– wish to learn new skills to make your relationship really work

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