How to Have Heart to Heart Talks

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Paul and Layne Cutright


Paul and Layne CutrightHow to Have Heart to Heart Talks That Will Heal and Transform Any RelationshipFrom their best selling book, Straight From the Heart, this entertaining and practical program will show you an amazingly simple yet deceptively powerful communication tool for use in any relationship, personal or business.

No matter how gifted (or unpracticed) a communicator you are, each of these ‘Heart-to-Heart Talks’ will bring you new levels of intimacy, trust and understanding. They create an atmosphere of discovery and creativity, producing a fuller experience of who and what you are – both as an individual and in the context of your most important relationships.

Heart to Heart Talks are a structured one-on-one communication exercise. You will learn four kinds of Heart to Heart Talks:

1. Discovery – for learning more about yourself and your partner

2. Nurturing – for bringing the energy of caring and nurturing to your relationship

3. Clearing – for helping one another to release concerns and fears

4. Affirming- for encouraging one another in your goals and dreams

Heart to Heart Talks offer you a new way to communicate and relate with others. You can have the experience of being heard and understood by the people you love and respect, and you can provide that same experience for your partner and others in your life who are important to you.

With Heart to Heart Talks, you can:

– Clear up misunderstandings more easily
– Heal emotional pain
– Build intimacy
– Build trust and safety
– Build inner strength
– Change problems into growth opportunities
– Generate more self-acceptance
– Inspire cooperation from others
– Create richer relationships
– Feel emotionally stronger and freer
– Feel more connected with others
– Release tension from relationships
– Create strong, healthy relationships that empower each person to make a greater contribution to your workplace, community and society.

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