Hold Me Tight – Intimacy for a Lifetime

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Sue Johnson, Ed.D.


Sue Johnson, Ed.D. There has been a breakthrough in our understanding of love and loving. The new science of love at last tells us what love is all about, how it goes wrong and, most important of all, how to shape it and  make it last. We know what the pivotal moments are that lead couples into frustration and loneliness or into loving emotional connection. We know, for example, that taming conflict is the booby prize it is emotional connection that predicts the future of your relationship.

This new science of love has been used to create a powerful tested couple therapy used by relationship experts worldwide and now crystallized into seven conversations for the general public. These conversations change the emotional signals the music of the dance between lovers.

In this program Dr. Sue Johnson will reveal this new view of love, what it means for your relationship and the key conversations that lead into a loving secure bond.

In this program you will learn:

– Why love is so important in our lives

– What happy couples do that makes a difference

– How we all get stuck in Demon Dialogues and can find our way out

– What a Hold me tight conversation looks like

– What makes forgiveness possible

– How love makes you stronger

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