Family Centered Parenting

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Richard Horowitz, Ed.D. & Jane Horowitz


Richard Horowitz, Ed.D.Family Centered Parenting respects individuality and empowers both parent and child through mutual respect and effective communication.

In this program you will learn:

– How behavior is need fulfilling and based on choices to meet those needs

– Strategies to enhance healthy relationships between parent and child that empowers all members of the family

– Effective parent-child communication practices

– Five principles of effective communication

– The Family Centered Meeting process

How to deal with oppositional behaviors

– How to handle the hot topics (sex, drugs and alcohol use), sibling rivalry and establishing rules

– How to modify behaviors based on individual responsibility rather than coercion

– How to respond to a variety of parenting situations, including having a child with special needs, blended families, and single parent families

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