Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style

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Barry W. McCarthy, Ph.D.


Barry W. McCarthy, Ph.D.Sex is a very important part of a fulfilling couple relationship. Just as personalities differ, so do sexual styles. Understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of your couple sexual style will help you enhance intimacy, eroticism and sustained mutual sexual enjoyment in your relationship. The role of sexuality in an ongoing relationship is to energize the relationship and enhance feelings of desire and desirability. The new mantra for healthy couple sexuality is desire, pleasure, and satisfaction.

In this program we will discuss the following couple sexual styles-

– Complementary (mine and ours)

– Traditional (conflict minimizing)

– Soul Mate (best friends)

– Emotionally Expressive (fun and erotic)

Understanding these sexual styles will help couples make effective sexual choices based upon preferences, feelings, and values. We will discuss how to transition from the romantic love-passionate sex-idealized relationship phase to a mature, intimate interactive couple sexual style which balances autonomy (your own sexual voice) with being an intimate team. Our challenge is to balance intimacy which involves closeness, safety, connection, security with eroticism which involves taking personal and sexual risks, creativity and mystery, unpredictability, and erotic scenarios and techniques.

We will also discuss specific strategies and techniques to successfully implement your chosen couple sexual style so that you play to the strengths of your style while remaining aware of the vulnerabilities (traps) so you do not fall into them.

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