Relationship Assessment for Couples

couples assessmentThis assessment is for committed relationships only. If you are not yet married or otherwise formally committed please take our Pre-Committed Relationship Assessment  If you’re unsure of the status of your relationship please review our Relationship Status Questionnaire.

This confidential online 75-question assessment will provide a comprehensive review of the important areas of your relationship along with general recommendations for discussion and goal-setting with your partner.

Time Required: 15-20 minutes
Results Delivered: Immediately upon completion and by e-mail (requires entering your e-mail address)
Confidentiality: Your results and e-mail address will remain private and will not be shared without your permission.
Instructions: Read and respond to each question, selecting Next to submit your answer and move to the next question

Relationship Assessment for Couples


1 of 75: My non-negotiable relationship requirements are met in this relationship.

2 of 75: My vision for my life is supported in this relationship.

3 of 75: My life purpose and mission are supported in this relationship.

4 of 75: I’m willing to live the rest of my life with everything exactly as it is in this relationship.

5 of 75: I am not settling for less than I really want in this relationship.

6 of 75: We are in alignment about money.

7 of 75: We are in alignment about future plans.

8 of 75: We are in alignment about children and family.

9 of 75: This relationship is addiction-free.

10 of 75: I trust my partner to be sexually faithful.

11 of 75: I trust my partner with my/our money.

12 of 75: I trust my partner to be honest with me about everything.

13 of 75: I trust my partner to keep agreements in our relationship.

14 of 75: I can see myself growing old and happy in this relationship.

15 of 75: I feel physically safe in this relationship.

16 of 75: We are in alignment about our lifestyle.

17 of 75: We have successfully adjusted to having different food preferences and eating habits.

18 of 75: I am satisfied with our health habits and practices.

19 of 75: I am satisfied with our grooming and hygiene habits and practices.

20 of 75: I am satisfied with our hobbies, physical and leisure activities.

21 of 75: I am satisfied with our level of desire for travel and adventure.

22 of 75: We are well-matched in our preferences to stay home and have quiet times.

23 of 75: We travel well together.

24 of 75: I am supported to pursue my own interests/activities in this relationship.

25 of 75: Our families support our relationship.

26 of 75: Our kids support our relationship.

27 of 75: Our friends support our relationship.

28 of 75: I am satisfied with our preferences for socializing with friends and family.

29 of 75: We both have individual support systems.

30 of 75: We seek support when we need it.

31 of 75: I feel loved in this relationship.

32 of 75: I feel good about myself in this relationship.

33 of 75: This relationship brings out the best in me.

34 of 75: I feel emotionally safe in this relationship.

35 of 75: I feel able to be myself in this relationship.

36 of 75: I feel respected for who I am in this relationship.

37 of 75: We have equal levels of give and take in this relationship.

38 of 75: I have fun and laugh in this relationship.

39 of 75: This relationship feels equal on all levels.

40 of 75: We enjoy small moments of connection each day no matter how busy we are.

41 of 75: We are in alignment about religious and/or spiritual beliefs and practices.

42 of 75: I am satisfied with how we live our values in our life together.

43 of 75: I am satisfied with how we plan to make a difference in the world.

44 of 75: We support each other’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

45 of 75: We recognize and support each other’s “essence” in times of stress.

46 of 75: Our communication is effective.

47 of 75: We manage our differences positively and without conflict.

48 of 75: I am able to be totally honest in this relationship.

49 of 75: We handle stress effectively together.

50 of 75: We handle differences and conflict effectively without “fight or flight”.

51 of 75: We soothe ourselves and each other in tense situations.

52 of 75: We are able to live positively with our unresolvable differences.

53 of 75: We respect each other’s feelings and reactions during conflict.

54 of 75: We regularly discuss small frustrations and irritations so they don’t get larger.

55 of 75: We try to make things better during or after a conflict.

56 of 75: We forgive each other and don’t hold onto resentments.

57 of 75: We are in alignment about pets.

58 of 75: We are in alignment about how to handle kids.

59 of 75: We are in alignment about who does what around the house.

60 of 75: We are in alignment about our level of organization/neatness around the house.

61 of 75: We share equally in caring for our home.

62 of 75: I experience strong chemistry in this relationship.

63 of 75: I experience passion in this relationship.

64 of 75: I experience romance in this relationship.

65 of 75: I find my partner very attractive.

66 of 75: I get turned on with my partner.

67 of 75: I know what turns on my partner.

68 of 75: We talk about our sexual preferences and needs.

69 of 75: I’m fulfilled sexually in this relationship.

70 of 75: I am satisfied intellectually in this relationship.

71 of 75: I am satisfied emotionally in this relationship.

72 of 75: I am satisfied with the level of maturity in our relationship.

73 of 75: We know and accept each other’s quirks.

74 of 75: We intimately know each other’s likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams.

75 of 75: We stimulate positive growth and learning for each other.

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