Core Skills for Relationship Success

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Frankie Doiron


Frankie DoironIn order to achieve a high level of job performance you must develop the necessary skills and competencies.Relationships are no different. They also require specialized skills and competencies in order to be high performing and successful.

In this presentation, Frankie identifies the 8 Core Relationship Competencies that are necessary in order to have a successful relationship.

This session will help you take stock of your relationship skills and identify the areas you need to focus on to improve your relationship competencies.

This session will cover:

– The Ideal relationship and why it is a separate entity from both partners, and ONE leg of a 3-legged stool

– Why awareness and taking ownership are key ingredients for successful relationships

– Why your attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and personality traits can sabotage your relationships and how to make a quantum shift in thinking that will forever change your potential for relationship success

– Why relationships are like jobs and why, like with a job, you need to continually seek to improve your skill set or get FIRED!

– The 8 Core Relationship Competencies that are necessary in order to create and sustain a successful relationship

– How to take stock of your relationship skills, identify the areas that need improvement, and create an action plan for success.

You are accountable for your relationships whether you are conscious of it or not.

Choose to be conscious!

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