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Elizabeth Einstein, MA


Elizabeth Einstein, MAStepfamily Living is Not for Wimps!

Smart stepfamilies can succeed! To do so, you must start stepfamily living with a deep awareness of how your new family differs from other families. Being conscious about how to effectively deal with discipline, boundaries and loyalty issues will help you strengthen and build a successful Stepfamily.

In this program you will:

1. Learn how emotional baggage deters normal development

2. Explore stages of stepfamily development

3. Understand the most effective role for you as a stepparent

4. Examine loyalty issues and how they play out in your family relationships

5. Gather guidelines to help you strengthen your stepfamily In many stepfamilies, parenting can be problematic and undermine this complex family’s development when couples aren’t prepared for the challenges they face.

We’ll discuss stumbling blocks to a smooth transition–emotional baggage, unresolved grief, unrealistic expectations, denial, and unresolved family of origin issues–that will help you to become aware of what needs your attention.

You’ll learn that these challenges are inherent in stepfamily living so you don’t feel as though you are failing. It is normal for many stepfamilies to struggle at the start, especially when you lack information and guidelines. You are NOT failing, rather experiencing a normal challenging transition. Once you’re aware of this reality you’ll feel less alone.

A brief overview of the five stages of the Stepfamily Journey offers a trail map to stepparents.

Tips about your role as a stepparent will help you take the correct approach to dealing with discipline in the stepfamily, one of your greatest tasks.

A look at bonds and loyalty issues reveals the roots of why these challenges exist and will teach you how to work within these powerful, pre-existing bonds that tend to affect parenting in the stepfamily.

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