Conscious Loving

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Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. & Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.


Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.Gay and Kathlyn (Katie) Hendricks wrote the ground-breaking book Conscious Loving in the early 90’s and are delighted that people continue to find this book useful. Conscious Loving is used in graduate school programs and in wedding ceremonies internationally.

In this program Drs. Hendricks will present their latest perspectives on key elements of Conscious Loving,including-

– The importance of telling your microscopic truth

– The role of making and keeping commitments in a successful relationship

– How the invisible, insidious upper limits problem can sabotage your life and relationship

Gay and Katie will share the ways they’ve updated and integrated Conscious Loving in their own relationship of 29 years as well as their work. The focus of this program will be how to make the key shifts that will allow you to create and sustain loving relationships.

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