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Thank you for submitting an article to the Couple for Life News!

  • Submitted articles should be 750 words maximum. Make sure that you have completed a word count and a grammar check prior to sending it.
  • Articles need to be content rich, professionally written and “coach-like”. Proof your work and make your writing tight and succinct. Use headings to present your information in an organized manner. If the article isn’t quite where it needs to be, it will be returned to you for re-writing/revising etc.
  • Your entry will not be considered unless we have a photo. If you have previously supplied us with a photo, you do not need to provide one here, unless you have a new one you’d like us to use.
  • Byline example: Jianny Adamo, MA supports singles and couples to break through fears and limitations and to embrace a rewarding life that’s centered on freedom to love, ability to connect deeply and live purposefully. Jianny is a registered psychotherapist in NJ and FL, National Certified Counselor, relationship coach, and author.

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